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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Taro Kono

Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

Mr. Taro KonoToward preventing conflicts that continue to occur and recur around the world, the enhancement of flexible and comprehensive support by the international community has become increasingly important, ranging from peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction, development, to conflict prevention. There is a growing need for civilian experts particularly in the field of peacebuilding and development, who have high specialty and ability in a wide range of areas such as rule of law, human rights, gender, aviation, medical affairs, supply chain management, human resources, finance, and risk management. However, the serious shortage of human resources is more than evident. Japan, under the policy of Proactive Contribution to Peace based on the principle of international cooperation, continues to push nurturing civilian experts who can contribute to the field of peacebuilding and development through this program. I ardently hope that the participants of this program will be successful on the front line of international cooperation as contributors to peace and prosperity in the international community.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs