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Mid-Career Course JFY2020


Practicing and Deepening Skills and Ability for Career Development in the Fields of Peacebuilding and Development

※Applications closed

Course Overview

Duration: January 5 (Tue) – 11 (Mon), 2021

Venue: Hotel Asia Center of Japan (Tokyo)

Participation Fee: No fees charged for selected participants

Application Deadline: October 14 (Wed), 2020 (9:00 AM Japan Time)

* The contents and schedule may change due to the spread of the COVID-19.


The Mid-Career Course is designed for those who have about 10 years of work experience in fields related to peacebuilding and/or development (e.g. law, administration, medical care, IT, procurement, accounting and public relations) and aspire to further advance their professional careers in particular at the United Nations or other international organizations. The Course aims to develop comprehensive adaptability required to overcome challenges such as changes in positions within organizations and increasingly complex responsibilities. The Course focuses on strengthening competencies such as Communication, Negotiation, Leadership and Management through interactive discussions and role-play exercises. It offers each participant the opportunity to further improve their performance based on feedback from facilitators and to build their networks through group interaction.


The Application Guidelines can be downloaded at this page.