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2017 Primary Course Curriculum

Stated Facilitators information, as of February 2018
Course Content
12 Jan (Fri) Commencement Ceremony 1) Mr. Masato OHTAKA (Deputy Assistant Minister / Ambassador in charge of United Nations Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
15 Jan (Mon) < Week 1 >
Presentations by PAs
Team Building Exercise
1) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA (Director of HPC / Program Director for the "Global Peacebuilders Program" / Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
2) Mr. Yuji UESUGI (HPC Program Officer for the "Global Peacebuilders Program" / Professor, Waseda University)
3) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI (Managing Director, Lotus Insight Global, Pte. Ltd / Former Chief of HR, UNICEF India Country Office)
16 Jan (Tue) Initiatives of Government and International Organizations for Peacebuilding and Development
1) Mr. Hidehiko FURUMOTO (External Relations Officer, UNHCR Japan)
2) Mr. Kojiro NAKAI (Government Partnerships Officer, WFP Japan Relations Office)
3) Mr. Mioh NEMOTO (Senior Advisor / Deputy, UNICEF Tokyo Office, Public Partnership Division)
4) Ms. Mio SATO (Chief of Mission, IOM Tokyo)
5) Mr. Takashi KOMORI(Acting Director, Office for Peacebuilding and Reconstruction, Infrastructure and Peacebuilding Department, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
6) Ms. Yuko YASUDA (Public Affairs Specialist, UNDP Japan Representation Office)
7) Mr. Kohei NAKAMURA (Director, International Peace Cooperation Division, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
17 Jan (Wed) Courtesy Visit to MOFA Japan
Enhancement of Competencies
Overview of Peacebuilding
1) Mr. Manabu HORII(Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs)
2) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
18 Jan (Thu) UN and Peacebuilding
Work Environment of UN Organizations
1) Mr. Sukehiro HASEGAWA (Chair of HPC Council for the "Global Peacebuilders Program" / Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Timor-Leste)
2) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
19 Jan (Fri) Japan Ground Self-Defense Force [JGSDF]
Garrison in Komakado, Shizuoka Prefecture
1) Mr. Kazuyuki SATO (Commander, International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit,Central Readiness Force, JGSDF)
21 Jan (Sun) Excursion to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park (Optional) 1) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
22 Jan(Mon)
23 Jan (Tue)
24 Jan (Wed)
25 Jan (Thu)
26 Jan (Fri)
< Week 2 : Analysis >
Theory and Methods of Conflict Analysis
Policy Issues in the Political/Legal Fields
(Peace mediation / Dispute settlement in legal institutions)
1) Mr. Marshall CONLEY (President, Conley-International Education Consultants)
2) Mr. Shinichi MIZUTA (Chief, Integrated Analysis Team, United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia)
3) Ms. Hiroko HIRAHARA (Head of Field Office, Bentiu Field Office, United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan(UNMISS))
4) Mr. Jomart ORMONBEKOV (Political / Liaison Officer, UN Department of Political Affairs (in Beijing) / Former Peace and Development Adviser, UN in Maldives)
5) Mr. Abraham AWOLICH (Director, Management and Administration Sudd Institute / Deputy Coordinator, South Sudan National Dialogue)
6) Mr. Desmond MOLLOY (Course Mentor, HPC / Senior Programme Director, The Nippon Foundation, Myanmar)
7) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
8) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
9) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
27 Jan (Sat) Excursion to Miyajima (Optional)
29 Jan (Mon)
30 Jan (Tue)
31 Jan (Wed)
1 Feb (Thu)
2 Feb (Fri)
< Week 3 : Planning >
Methods of Project / Mission Planning
Policy Issues in the Field of Security
1) Mr. Philip SHETLER-JONES (Practice Lead, International Security and Geopolitics at the World Economic Forum / Former Integrated Missions Planning Officer, UN HQ, DPKO / Former Political Affairs Officer of Office of Deputy SRSG, United Nations Mission in Sudan (UNMIS)?j
2) Mr. Jack CHRISTOFIDES (Director, Africa ?U Division, the Office of Operations, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, United Nations)
3) H.E. Mr. Mohamed El-Amine SOUEF (Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and the Francophonie, in charge of Comorians abroad of the Union of Comoros / Former Head of Regional Office, United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA), Gao Sector East)
4) Mr. Sukehiro HASEGAWA
5) Mr. Desmond MOLLOY
6) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
7) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
8) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
3 Feb (Sat) Excursion to Kure and Etajima (Optional)
5 Feb (Mon)
6 Feb (Tue)
7 Feb (Wed)
8 Feb (Thu)
9 Feb (Fri)
< Week 4 : Coordination >
Coordination and Negotiation among Various Organizations in Peacebuilding
Policy Issues in Humanitarian Aid
(including gender and child protection)
1) Mr. Kenro OSHIDARI (Member of HPC Council / Former Regional Director, WFP Regional Bureau for Asia, Bangkok, Thailand)
2) Mr. Guillaume FOLIOT (Consultant and lecturer on Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Management)
3) Mr. Peter KOZELETS (Coordinator, the Regional Centre for Emergency Preparedness, UNHCR Bangkok, Thailand)
4) Ms. Marie ONIWA (Senior Gender and Election Advisor, Electoral Division, United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO))
5) Mr. Hiroto FUJIWARA (Head, Country Analysts Unit, Division of External Operations, Registry, International Criminal Court (ICC))
6) Ms. Kyungshin LEE (Program Director, Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation (KCOC))
7) Mr. John CAMPBELL (Humanitarian Security Trainer, First Response Trainer & INGO Global Security Advisor)
8) Ms. Louise ROBINSON (Senior Humanitarian Advisor and Security Training Specialist, Director of InSiTu Training)
9) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
10) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
11) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
11 Feb (Sun) Individual Consultation about Career Development (Optional) 1) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
12 Feb (Mon)
13 Feb (Tue)
14 Feb (Wed)
15 Feb (Thu)
16 Feb (Fri)
< Week 5 : Management >
Methods for Project Management
Policy Issues in Development Aid through Various Fund Schemes
1) Mr. Mitsuhiko INABA (Chief of Operations Section / Management Services, United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme Headquarters)
2) Mr. Toshihiro NAKAMURA (Co-Founder & CEO, NPO Kopernik / Guest Associate Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University / Former Assistant Country Director, Strategic Planning Advisor, UNDP Sierra Leone)
3) Mr. Shigeki KOMATSUBARA (TICAD Programme Adviser, Regional Bureau for Africa, UNDP Headquarters)
4) Mr. Mamadou N'DAW (Results Based Management (RBM), Evaluation Advisor, Team Leader, UNDP Ethiopia Regional Bureau for Africa Regional Service Center)
5) Ms. Memunatu PRATT (Senior Lecturer and Visiting Professor, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone)
6) Mr. Kenro OSHIDARI
7) Mr. John CAMPBELL
8) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
9) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
10) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
17 Feb (Sat)
18 Feb (Sun)
Individual Consultation about Career Development (Optional) 1) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
19 Feb (Mon)
20 Feb (Tue)
21 Feb (Wed)
< Week 6 >
Personal Safety Management
(Optional for Foreign Participants)
1) Mr. John CAMPBELL
2) Ms. Louise ROBINSON
3) Mr. Kenro OSHIDARI
4) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
5) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
22 Feb (Thu) Career Development (for Japanese Participants) 1) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
2) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
23 Feb (Fri) Career Management (for Japanese Participants) 1) Ms. Chio SATO (Head, Office Clutch (Career Consultant conducting consultations / seminars for career design, management and leadership))
2) Ms. Michiru TAMANAI
3) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA