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2015 Primary Course Curriculum

Course Content
18 Jan (Mon) 1) Commencement Ceremony 1) Mr. Makita SHIMOKAWA (Deputy Director-General, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
2) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA (Director of HPC / Program Director for the "Global Peacebuilders Program"/ Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
3) Mr. Yuji UESUGI (HPC Program Officer for the "Global Peacebuilders Program" / Professor, Waseda University)
4) Mr. Sukehiro HASEGAWA (Chair of HPC Council for the "Global Peacebuilders Program" / Former Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Timor-Leste)
2) Courtesy Visit to the MOFA of Japan ・Mr. Hitoshi KIKAWADA (Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan)
Jan 19 (Tue)
Jan 20 (Wed)
Jan 21 (Thu)
Jan 22 (Fri)
Week 1:
1) Special Lecture by DFS, United Nations
2)Special Lectures by International Organizations
1)Mr. Atul KHARE (Under-Secretary-General for Field Support, Department of Field Support, United Nations)
2) Mr. William BARRIGA (Chief of Mission, IOM Tokyo)
3) Ms. Naomi KAWAHARA (Senior External Relations Officer of UNHCR Representation in Japan)
4) Mr. Kojiro NAKAI (Government Partnership Officer, WFP Japan Relations)
5) Mr. Kunihiko HIRABAYASHI (Director, UNICEF Tokyo (Office for Japan and Republic of Korea)
6) Ms. Sakiko YOSHINAMI (Assistant Director, Office for Peacebuilding and Reconstruction, Infrastructure and Peacebuilding Department, JICA)
7)Mr. Yuji UESUGI
8) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
9) Mr. Sukehiro HASEGAWA
10)Ms. Mieko TARUI (Member of HPC Council/International HR Management Consultant)
Jan 23 (Sat)
Jan 24 (Sun) Excursion to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
Peacebuilding in Japan and Hiroshima
・Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
Aster Plaza, Hiroshima
Jan 25 (Mon)
Jan 26 (Tue)
Jan 27 (Wed)
Jan 28 (Thu)
Jan 29 (Fri)
<Week2: Analysis>
Theory and Methods of Conflict Analysis
Policy Issues in the Political/ Legal Fields (Peace mediation/Dispute settlement in legal institutions
1)Mr. Marshall CONLEY (International Consultant on Peace Operations and Post-Conflict Reconstruction / President, Conley-International Education Consultants)
2) Mr. Hiroto FUJIWARA (Team Leader, Analysis Unit, Office of the Co-Investigating Judges, United Nations Assistance for the Khmer Rouge Trials [UNAKRT])
3) Mr. Abraham AWOLICH (Director, Administration and Finance, The Sudd Institute)
4) Ms.Ticiana GARCIA-TAPIA (Education Specialist, UNICEF)
5) Mr. Shinichi MIZUTA(Office-in-Charge, Integrated Analysis Team, Office of the Chief of Staff, United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia [UNSOM])
6) Mr. Desmond MOLLOY (Course Mentor, HPC / Programme Director, Nippon Foundation, Myanmar)
7) Mr. Mamadou NDAW (Result Based Management(RBM) and Evaluation Advisor / Team Leader, UNDP Regional Bureau for Africa, Regional Service Centre)
8) Ms. Hiroko HIRAHARA (State Coordinator in Eastern Equatoria, United Nations Mission in South Sudan [UNMISS])
9) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
10) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
Jan 30 (Sat) Excursion to Miyajima
Jan 31 (Sun)
Feb 1 (Mon)
Feb 2 (Tue)
Feb 3 (Wed)
Feb 4 (Thu)
<Week3: Planning>
Methods of Project/Mission Planning
Policy Issues in the Field of Security (DDR/SSR/Peacekeeping missions)
1) Mr. Philip SHETLER-JONES (Practice Lead, International Security at the World Economic Forum)
2) Mr. Luc STEVENS (UN Resident Coordinator / UNDP Resident Representative in Thailand)
3) Mr. Desmond MOLLOY
4) Mr. Mamadou NDAW
5) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
6) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA

Feb 5 (Fri) <Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) Garrison in Komakado, Shizuoka Prefecture> ・ International Peace Cooperation Activities Training Unit, Central Readiness Force, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF)
Feb 6 (Sat) Excursion to Etajima
Feb 7 (Sun)
Aster Plaza, Hiroshima
Feb 8 (Mon)
Feb 9 (Tue)
Feb 10 (Wed)
Feb 11 (Thu)
Feb 12 (Fri)
<Week4: Coordination>
Coordination and Negotiation among Various Organizations in Peacebuilding
Policy Issues in Humanitarian Aid (including gender and child protection)
1) Mr. Kenro OSHIDARI (Member of HPC Council / Former Regional Director, WFP Regional Bureau for Asia, Bangkok, Thailand)
2) Ms. Kyungshin LEE (Program Director, Korea NGO Council for Overseas Development Cooperation [KCOC])
3) Ms. Kaoruko SEKI (Head of Strategic Planning Unit, Office of the Chief of Staff, United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq [UNAMI])
4) Mr. Peter KOZELETS (Coordinator, Regional Centre for Emergency Preparedness, UNHCR Regional Coordinator's Office Bangkok, Thailand)
5) Mr. John CAMPBELL (Humanitarian Security, First Response Medical Trainer)
6) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
7) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
Feb 13 (Sat)
Feb 14 (Sun)
Feb 15 (Mon)
Feb 16 (Tue)
Feb 17 (Web)
Feb 18 (Thu)
Feb 19 (Fri)
<Week5: Management>
Methods for Project Management
Policy Issues in Development Aid through Various Fund Schemes
1) Mr. Toshihiro NAKAMURA (Co-Founder & CEO, NPO Kopernik / Former Policy Specialist, United Nations Development Operations Coordination Office, United Nations Development Group [UNDG] / Guest Associate Professor, Osaka School of International Public Policy, Osaka University)
2) Ms. Memunatu PRATT (Head of Department, Senior Lecturer and Visiting Professor, Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone)
3) Mr. Henk-Jan BRINKMAN (Chief Policy, Planning and Application, Peacebuilding Support Office, United Nations)
4) Ms. Mikiko TANAKA (Country Director, UNDP Sana'a Yemen)
5) Ms. Louise ROBINSON (Director, InSiTu Training)
6) Mr. Tetsuo KONDO (Director, UNDP Representation Office in Tokyo
7) Mr. John CAMPBELL
8) Mr. Hideaki SHINODA
9) Mr. Yuji UESUGI
Feb 20 (Sat)
Feb 21 (Sun)
Feb 22 (Mon)
Feb 23 (Tue)
<Week6: Personal Safety Management> 1) Mr. John CAMPBELL
2) Ms. Louise ROBINSON
<Special Lecture by MOFA Japan> Ms. Natsuko SAKATA (Director, International Peace Cooperation Division, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
Feb 25 (Thu)
Feb 26 (Fri)
Feb 27 (Sat)
Skill Up Session
Career Design
1) Ms. Meiko TARUI
2) Ms. Chio SATO (Head, Office Clutch)