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Messages from HPC Staff

Hideaki Shinoda

Hideaki ShinodaDirector of HPC, Program Director for The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development
Professor, Graduate School of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies [website]

(Ph.D. in International Relations (LSE). He has authored numerous books and articles on peacebuilding such as Peace-building and the Rule of Law (Osaragi Rondan Award), Order in International Society, State Sovereignty as a Historical and Political Concept (Suntory Academic Award), Introduction to Peacebuilding, Five Perspectives to Comprehend International Conflicts and History of Ideas of the Right of Collective Self-Defense (Yomiuri Yoshino Sakuzo Award). He has experiences of engagements with NGOs and PKO.)

Peacebuilding requires “peacebuilders” who are willing to contribute to peacebuilding activities. In order to build peace, it is crucial to identify people who can have a sense of fulfillment by contributing to peace. Peacebuilding can involve hard work with great difficulties, which may call for exceptional ability and a strong will. Therefore it is important for “peacebuilders” to have understanding friends for mutual encouragement. We wish to create a community of “peacebuilders” across Japan, other Asian countries and the rest of the world. This Program is being implemented based on such a vision.


Yuji Uesugi

Yuji UesugiHPC Program Officer for The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development
Professor, Waseda University
(Ph.D. in International Conflict Analysis (Kent). An editor of books on State-building, Security Sector Reform and Civil-Military Relations, he published Changing UNPKO and Conflict Resolution, awarded from Japan Association for International Security.)

In order to break the cycle of violence, it is necessary to create a new method that overcomes violence. For this reason, peacebuilders need to give their imaginations full rein. Imagination comes into existence not from a void but from a combination of various knowledge and experiences one has gained through life. I sincerely hope that those who are passionate about peacebuilding will find it worth devoting their whole lives to do so. And I also hope that they will develop exceptional capabilities and establish ways of thinking detached from self-interest, so that they, as peacebuilders, will be able to gain people?fs trust in conflict areas. With these hopes I continue to take part in this Program.


Desmond Molloy

Desmond MolloyHPC Course Mentor for The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development
Program Director at Liaison Office in Myanmar, Nippon Foundation
(After serving with the Irish Army for 20 years, he has been working as an expert in DDR with extensive experiences in leading UN DDR programmes in Sierra Leone, Haiti, Central African Republic, and Nepal.)

At a time of ever increasing global conflict, the importance of the contribution of expert peacebuilders throughout the world is greater than ever. Experience proves that the greatest contribution to peacebuilding comes, not from the application of material resources, but from having the right person, the right human capital, on the ground at the critical time, to make the right decisions and to influence the critical actors. HPC’s effort to prepare Asian novice and experienced peacebuilders to meet this challenge is a worthy cause with which to be associated. I am proud to have the opportunity to offer the benefit of my field experience in post-conflict interventions, primarily DDR, emergency coordination and military management, and my more recently learned capacity for scholarly analysis, to developing the capacity of peacebuilders through HPC’s courses.


Chie Fuji

Representative of Tokyo Project Office / Manager for Administrative Affairs, HPC

I have been involved with HPC since the Pilot Program of the former “Program for Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding” in the Fiscal Year 2007.
I recommend the Program for Human Resource Development very strongly because of its excellent lectures and workshops on topics ranging from the founding of the Program to aftercare for the participants year after year. We are very thankful to the independent and highly motivated participants who attend and cooperate in the implementation of the Program. HPC moves, worries, speaks, and grows with the participants as an organization of peacebuilders.


Miki Takeuchi

Representative of Hiroshima Head Office / Financial Officer for “The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development”, HPC

I have been engaged in HPC as an accountant since 2010. I have few opportunities to go to the seminar site. However, I feel that networking between people is the first step for peacebuilding, especially when I see the situation in which the connections between Program Associates evolve and become stronger. The Program provides the opportunity to move to the next step by improving the practical knowledge and skills of the participants.