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Implementation of the UN Senior Mission Leaders’ Course (SML)

The opening ceremony of the UN Senior Mission Leaders’ Course (SML) by the UN Department of Peace Operations, Integrated Training Service (ITS), hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan was held on June 19th. It has continued for 10 days until June 30th. As stated in the press release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (https://www.mofa.go.jp/mofaj/press/release/press5_000044.html), the SML Course is designed for UN PKO mission executive candidates for two weeks. The Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center (HPC) is in charge of administrative operations and Hideaki Shinoda, Director of the HPC, serves as the “National Course Director.”


The SML Course, with the support of the host country, provides operational training to future UN Peacekeeping Operations (PKOs) and Special Political Missions (SPMs) senior leaders. It is positioned as one of the gateways to success for those who aim for executive posts of UN missions (Special Representative of the Secretary-General [SRSG], Deputy Representative of the Secretary-General [DSRSG], Military Force Commander, Police Commissioner, Chief of Cabinet, etc.). In this course, lecturers from the United Nations, who have executive experience, participate, as well as 26 military personnel, police officers, and civilians from 17 countries, including Japan, all of whom are potential PKO and SPM executive candidates. Six facilitators who have experienced senior positions at the United Nations will serve as mentors and guide the participants throughout the two weeks. In addition, fifteen active UN PKO officials will contribute to the Course as presenters, in person and online.