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Application is now open for the Mid-Career Course of ‟The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development” JFY 2023

The Mid-Career Course provides 7 days of training to 20 participants who have about 10 years of work experience in fields related to peacebuilding and/or development, in order to further advance their professional careers, in particular at the United Nations and other international organizations.

The details of the Course can be accessed through the links provided below. In addition, the graphs presented below depict participants’ career information. Please kindly take them into your consideration when applying.
We look forward to receiving your application.

【Application Guidelines and Other Relevant Information】
・Mid-Career Course JFY2023 Overview (https://eng.peacebuilderscenter.jp/courses/mid-career-course-2/)
・Application Guidelines and Form JFY2023 (https://eng.peacebuilderscenter.jp/courses/application-guidelines/)
・Global Peacebuilders Program Annual Reports (https://eng.peacebuilderscenter.jp/library/annual_report-2/)



【Career Paths of Japanese Participants in the Mid-Career Course】
The majority of participants in the Mid-Career Course belong to the United Nations or other international organizations, while others have been engaged with government agencies and aid organizations that are at the forefront of peacebuilding, development, and humanitarian assistance. After the completion of the Course, the graduates continue to successfully develop their careers at the United Nations, other international organizations, and various peacebuilding-related organizations. The graphs below refer specifically to Japanese graduates.