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Implementation of the Coursework in Japan for the Primary Course JFY2020

HPC has implemented the coursework in Japan for the Primary Course JFY2020. We completed five weeks of the Primary Course from 20th January. Seven out of eight international Program Associates entered Japan, following preventive measures against COVID-19 such as the presentation of negative PCR results, self-quarantine and abiding by the designated tracking mechanisms. The remaining one international Program Associate participated in the entire course online from her home country, due to the difficulty of entering   Japan. Nine out of ten Japanese Program Associates participated in the course on-site, with one Japanese Program Associate undertaking the entire course online from overseas. In addition to that, nine out of thirty-three facilitators contributed to the course on-site; three of whom came to Japan having completed two weeks of self-quarantine in their countries of residence). The remaining twenty-four facilitators contributed to the course online. We implemented the course work in ‘Hybrid Style’ that seamlessly enabled on-site and face to face participation as well as online participation.


The course was highly successful as group work was carried out under the guidance of highly experienced facilitators with online Program Associates also participating actively. We implemented the maximum prevention measures against droplet, airborne, and contact infection by COVID-19 in the training venue. Participants commented that the stories of the facilitators who have great field experience were interesting, with another commenting that they also learned from other participants and it was the invaluable experience to think about their careers. The Primary Course concluded on February 23 and all the international Program Associates gave a negative PCR test result on departure and safely returned home. The Japanese Program Associates are expected to be dispatched to the field offices of international organizations as UNVs from March onward.