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Announcement of Revision of the Implementation Modalities of the Mid-career Course

Given the current situation as a result of the impact of COVID-19, HPC is planning to revise the implementation modalities of the Mid-Career Course. Its outline is the following;

– Hybrid style participation (both on-site and online): HPC will introduce this measure, in order to enable course participation by those who cannot come to Japan due to restrictive border control or travel restriction by many countries.

– Thematic focus adaption to on remote work environments: the next Mid-Career Course will provide contents to strengthen communication/leadership competencies to enhance performance in the remote-work environment. HPC believes this necessary as most international organizations are experiencing unusual remote work environments.


More concretely, HPC will implement the following measures accordingly;

1. HPC will accept those participants who have difficulty in coming to Japan due to consequences of COVID-19 spread. HPC will carefully forecast the circumstances after the selection of participants and consult with those participants concerned.

2. In addition to the HPC facilitators (Hideaki Shinoda, Yuji Uesugi, Kenro Oshidari and Michiru Tamanai), a few additional facilitators will stay in the training facility throughout the course for seven days by taking the role of overall mentors. Those facilitators will also take care of the aspects of competency-enhancement in a remote-work environment. *1

Several high-rank UN officials are also going to contribute to the course as facilitators by offering many insights into their works in the current situation. However, most of them are expected to join online. HPC will ensure that social networking among participants and facilitators can be formed even in such an environment.

3. If there are participants who join from areas with significant time difference from Japan, HPC will introduce compensatory measures like providing video-taped contents of morning sessions in Japan while concentrating group exercises on evening sessions, shifting time slots of training sessions, securing frequent breaks, etc.


*1 Neeru Gupta (Director Unnati Unlimited Pvt. Ltd. [Coaching & Business Consulting Firm], Coaching Panel Member at UNICEF), Julia Sloan (Strategic Thinking Consultant, Principal of Sloan International Inc.), Helen Krug von Nidda (Founder and Chief Executive Optimist of With Helen; Former HR Strategic Partner, UNFPA; Former Director of Talent Management International Rescue Committee, HR Officer UNICEF, and HR Officer at UN, DPKO) are expected to contribute as mentor-style facilitators.