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PR Event of the Mid-Career Course JFY2020, Global Peacebuilders Program, 18 Sept 2020. 【Video of the event is available】


On Friday, 18 September, Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center (HPC) held a PR Event for the Mid-Career Course JFY2020 of the Global Peacebuilders Program, commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Its aim was to showcase and promote the Mid-Career Course and share ideas on “Communications Skills in Times of COVID-19.” 113 participants across the world joined us in the event.


The briefing event was held online this year due to the spread of COVID-19. Prof. Hideaki Shinoda, Director of HPC, opened the session with an introduction to the course and explanation of the measures to be implemented for this fiscal year’s training course. This was followed by a presentation by Ms. Lisa Reefke, Mid-Career Course JFY2018 participant and currently a United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) officer in Afghanistan. She talked about the current situation of the UN and measures against COVID-19, and outlined necessary communication skills under these circumstances.


Following Ms. Reefke, Mr. Kenro Oshidari, who has been a facilitator of the course and was involved in humanitarian and emergency relief with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), emphasized the importance of the two main themes of the Mid-Career Course – Communication and Leadership skills – and introduced the course contents based on these themes. The final presentation was made by Ms. Michiru Tamanai, who has also been a facilitator to the course and HPC Senior Advisor for Career Support and Development, about how the course is beneficial for the participants to help understand and acquire the skills required to build a long-term career in these challenging times.


After the speakers’ presentations, a Q&A session was held to address some of the audience’s questions. The session was closed by Prof. Shinoda, who mentioned that the official announcement regarding the course contents and facilitators will be made in the coming weeks.


0:04:03~Overview of the Mid-Career Course: Dr. Hideaki Shinoda

0:17:17~UN Work Environment Amid COVID-19 Crisis: Ms. Lisa Reefke

0:41:56~Course Content and its Strength: Mr. Kenro Oshidari

0:48:15~Ms. Michiru Tamanai