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Implementation of Global Career Course JFY2019

The Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center (HPC), commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, implemented the Global Career Course for those who have about 10 years of work experience outside of the UN system. The Course was held from September to December 2019.

The Course was led by distinguished lecturers and facilitators with extensive experience in UN organizations and provided the participants an opportunity to think about their future career. Exercises such as mock interviews and SWOT analysis regarding the development of potential careers within UN system were also conducted during the sessions. Moreover, the optional one-week field trips to Cyprus or Sierra Leone were implemented for those who chose to participate. The Course has concluded successfully.

In Sierra Leone, participants visited six UN organizations (IOM, RCO, UNDP, UN Women, WFP, and UNOPS), Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, WANEP and JICA to understand the situation on the field. In addition to briefings, participants had the opportunities to exchange opinions with the personnel. This experience enriched their understanding of the UN agencies.


IOM Sierra Leone Facebook Post:

Today, we were delighted to host a delegation from the Hiroshima Peacebuilders Centre (HPC) in Japan.They are in…

IOM Sierra Leoneさんの投稿 2019年11月25日月曜日


In Cyprus, the participants visited the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) which is a peacekeeping mission, the Office of Special Advisor to the Secretary-General (OSASG) who mediates the UN organizations, and UNHCR, the agency which supports the humanitarian activities. The participants not only listened to the briefing of each organization, but also actively engaged and collected information necessary for working with the UN. In addition to visiting the aforementioned organizations, they took part in workshops and seminars with the local community group and learned about the history of the Cyprus conflict and its present situation.


University of Kent Blog Entry:

Hiroshima Peacebuilders Centre- public event in Cyprus

(Visit to settlements of the 2017 flood victims in Sierra Leone)
(Visit to the OSASG in Cyprus)