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The implementation of the JFY 2017 Career Support Seminar

Commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, The Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center (HPC) implemented Career Support Seminar for Japanese who wish to engage in the UN system on November 3 in Osaka and November 4 and 5 in Tokyo. Mr. Anthony Duncker (Deputy Director, Chief, Field Personnel Specialist Support Service, Field Personnel Division, Department of Field Support (DFS), United Nations) and Ms. Naoual Driouich (Chief of Human Resources Section, United Nations Volunteers (UNV)) were invited as facilitators.

Initially, facilitators offered Plenary Sessions for the whole group before providing Individual Guidance Sessions to each participant. In response to feedback of the previous year, Individual Guidance Sessions were extended to 30 minutes this year from 20 minutes last year. Participants were segregated based on their career backgrounds and interests; Peacekeeping / Peacebuilding or Development fields, and received one-on-one advice sessions. Feedback from participants indicates that “Tips on creating P11/PHP and practical explanations regarding the applicational process was especially helpful information.” “The Individual Guidance Session was the most valuable.”