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Completion of the Coursework in Japan of the “Primary Course”

The six-week long Coursework in Japan of the Primary Course, which started with a courtesy visit to Mr. Kiyoshi Odawara, the Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, by the Program Associates, ended on February 24th, 2017. In addition to acquiring the practical skills and knowledge required in peacebuilding and development from diverse facilitators at the forefront of peacebuilding and development, the Coursework also offered an opportunity for Program Associates to reconsider their own competencies through practical exercises and the interaction with facilitators working for international organizations.

Japanese Program Associates will be dispatched to field offices of international organizations under their one-year Overseas Assignment as a UN Volunteer. Non-Japanese Program Associates return to their home countries, and be expected to become experts in peacebuilding and development making the best use of the lessons learned from the Coursework.