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Providing E-Learning Course to Program Participants in Collaboration with Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI)

Special Privilege Offer for the Participants of “The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development”

We are pleased to inform you that Hiroshima Peacebuilders Center (HPC), in collaboration with the Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI), an NGO based in the United States of America, is registered to the National Training Centre E-learning Platform (NTCELP).

Those who participate in the Primary Course and the Mid-Career Course of “The Program for Global Human Resource Development for Peacebuilding and Development” will be offered the special privilege through NTCELP to take the E-Learning Course provided by POTI which covers 29 courses on Peacekeeping and related topics, at no cost. Students who pass the final exam with a minimum of 75% are awarded a Certificate-of-Completion for each course with the signatures of both the representatives of POTI and HPC.

Detailed information regarding the enrollment process for NTCELP and a description of the E-Learning Course will be provided to the participants before the start of the Courses.

Participants of the Primary Course and Mid-Career Course are also eligible to obtain a Peace Operations Specialized Training (POST) Certificate in 6 areas of study by completing the prescribed set of courses. The course are provided at no cost for participants of the program aside from a small admission fee.

Please refer to the link below for more information